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A compilation of tools, methodologies and research for reducing occupational accidents and diseases

This toolkit brings together useful tools to increase occupational safety and health (OSH) within coffee supply chains. It provides a comprehensive overview of each tool’s scope and utility.

By using this toolkit, stakeholders working in the space of OSH and/or in the coffee sector will:

  • Learn the key concepts of OSH in the coffee supply chain.
  • Understand the tools’ main objectives, scope, and components.
  • Learn how to implement each tool.

Instructional material







The Toolkit

The Toolkit consists of:

  • an introductory section including instructions on how to use the toolkit, an overview of the tools contained in the toolkit, as well as general information on OSH in the coffee supply chain.
  • 20 tools developed and tested by the VZF, organised under three main themes

You can download the Toolkit in full here or each tool individually below. Readers are invited to familiarise themselves with the toolkit before using it by consulting the background and the “getting started” sections as well as that on “understanding occupational safety and health in the coffee supply chain”.

Who is this toolbox for?

This toolkit can be applied by any stakeholder working in the coffee supply chain, such as:
• governments
• employers’ organisations
• workers’ organisations
• producers’ organisations
• private and public sector companies
• cooperatives
• certifiers
• researchers
• NGOs
• trainers
• consultants
• business development associations

Getting started

This section explain how to use this toolkit, how to navigate through its content and understand its purpose.

Understanding occupational safety and health in the coffee supply chain

This section provides general information to better understand OSH in the global coffee supply chain.

Central theme 1: OSH risks management

Occupational safety and health risks management is essential to improve OSH for workers in the coffee supply chain. Under this central theme, the tools contribute to managing and reducing work-related accidents and illnesses in coffee value chains by targeting and managing the risks and aims to develop a strategy that contributes to generating safe and healthy conditions at work for the coffee sector.

Download the tools below
APosters on OSH risks and management
BMethodology for Hazard Identification, Evaluation and Assessment of OSH Risks in the Coffee Sector
CWork Improvement in Neighbourhood Development (WIND)
DVideos: Testimonies from the coffee supply chain in Mexico
EVideo: My farm, a healthy and safe environment
FRadio soap opera: My farm: my home and treasure


This section includes the glossary of the toolkit.