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Each morning, somewhere in the world, 1,000 people leave home for work and don’t come back. An additional 6,500 people die every day from work-related diseases.

These are the people who make our clothes. Grow the beans for our coffee. Construct the buildings in which we live and work. They need safe, healthy workplaces. They deserve our shared commitment to improving health and safety up and down the global supply chain.

We are here to be the catalyst that makes this happen.


Focused on making improvements in-country, in partnership with governments, employers and workers, we provide the data-driven guidance and support of a global alliance of experts in worker safety and health. This approach is the only effective way to create real change locally on a global scale.

Our team has conducted OSH trainings for more than 900 managers in Ethiopia, promoted knowledge exchange among key national stakeholders working in the coffee supply chains of Latin America and increased access to enhanced employment injury insurance for 198,000 garment workers in Myanmar. Collectively, in just five years, our work has helped to improve the health and safety of more than 5.6 million workers worldwide.

OSH trainings for

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Increased access to injury

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Our work has

helped to improve

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workers worldwide


We mobilise governments, employers organisations, trade unions and other stakeholders to take collective action to make real, measurable improvements in worker health and safety where these changes are most needed. Working at all levels of the supply chain, from factories and fields to governments and global enterprises, we strategically target sectors and regions where we know we can make a positive difference through customized interventions that are context specific and reflect local needs.

Drawing upon deep expertise and experience with improving occupational safety and health systems, we aim to strengthen prevention practices at national, sectoral and workplace levels and to support complementary labour inspection and employment injury insurance systems.


As part of the ILO’s Safety & Health for All flagship programme, and with the support of the G7 and the G20, we have the resources, the access, the influence — and the mandate — to drive meaningful, sustainable progress. A global Steering Committee as well as an Advisory body give strategic direction and guidance to the Vision Zero Fund.

With the backing of these global organizations, we can marshal the right players globally and locally to work collaboratively and productively to improve occupational safety and health. We thank our donors for their trust and long-term commitment in building safe and healthy global supply chains.