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Agricultural Supply Chains

Improving Safety and Health in Agricultural Global Supply Chains

Food and agricultural supply chains represent a high percentage of global trade, both in terms of value and in volume. Compliance with fundamental principles and rights at work is of direct relevance to the agri-food sector and the rural economy, both in terms of guaranteeing labour rights and for accessing market/trade purposes.

Agriculture is one of the three most hazardous sectors of activity. Every day, agricultural workers face a wide spectrum of risks at work. However, they do not always understand the risks to which they are exposed as part of their work, and often lack the knowledge or the means to prevent OSH accidents and injuries.



Maria Munaretto, Project Coordinator
Schneider Guataqui Cervera, National Project Coordinator


February 2024 to May 2025

Development Partners

European Union

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Expected outcomes

Working in partnership with government agencies, employers’ and workers’ organizations, and private sector companies, Vision Zero Fund is now implementing an initiative to enhance stakeholders´ commitment to promoting occupational safety and health in the coffee and sugar cane supply chains.

  • Continue the implementation of the #CoffeePeople campaign, to promote the realization of the right to a safe and healthy working environment in the coffee supply chain. This includes the implementation of awareness-raising and learning activities at the global level (learning webinars and dissemination of the #CoffeePeople documentary), and in Brazil and Uganda.
  • Conduct research on the drivers and constraints for improving OSH in the sugarcane supply chain in Colombia and on the health and working conditions of vulnerable workers in the supply chain. Research findings will inform the development and implementation of social dialogue and capacity development activities to remove OSH deficits.

This project is funded by the European Union.