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“We encourage governments, social partners, local and international companies as well as NGOs to take part in collective action for the prevention of work place accidents within the framework of the Vision Zero Fund.”

G20 statement on the Vision Zero Fund, May 2017

Why should you join?

The causes of occupational safety and health (OSH) deficits are too complex and multifaceted for one stakeholder to solve on its own. All stakeholders need to work together and assume responsibility for addressing systemic issues that lie at the root of poor OSH outcomes. That is why we mobilize a variety of partners to act collectively and solve the the most persistent occupational safety and health challenges in global supply chains

How you can join?

You can support our mission and join our collective action efforts in a variety of ways, ranging from a financial contribution (to the VZF as such or to a specific country) to in-kind support (such as sharing of expertise, data and practical tools) to joining our global and regional events to find sustainable solutions to the structural drivers of safety and health challenges.

Who can join?

Contributions to the Vision Zero Fund are open to governments of ILO Member States, intergovernmental or non-governmental organizations, and from private sources including companies and foundations.

  • If you are a development partner

At the Vision Zero Fund, we are strategic about how we identify opportunities where we can make a positive difference, from protecting the most vulnerable workers to avoiding supply chain disruptions. Because of our local focus and global network, your support for our work can provide exponential benefits beyond any one location or sector, with best practices, data and insights shared globally. As a global initiative, and part of the ILO, you can leverage our influence to bring widespread sustainable change at the institutional and workplace levels.

  • If you are a private enterprise

We know that you are concerned about the health and safety of your workers, and we also recognize that you want to maintain competitiveness while safeguarding and strengthening your reputation among consumers and regulators.

We can work with you to achieve both goals. We understand that what is good for workers is good for business. We will connect you with fellow industry leaders and partner with you and with workers, local and regional governments, and regulatory groups to create innovative, scalable solutions that meet your strategic priorities while benefiting everyone across the sector. Partnering with us provides significant leverage. Our strong network, focused goals and global/local model mean that relatively modest investments yield exponential impact across regions and sectors.

  • If you are a workers organisation

Improving worker safety and health is all we do. You can trust that we will listen to you and bring together the right individuals and groups to find common ground and develop an innovative path forward. We do not work just anywhere; we strategically target sectors and regions where we know we can make lasting, life-saving improvements to benefit the most vulnerable workers.

All financial and in-kind contributions to the Vision Zero Fund are administered in accordance with the ILO’s regulations, rules, directives and procedures. We receive strategic guidance from a tripartite Advisory Council and our Steering Committee formally approves all decisions related to the Fund’s strategic direction, including allocation of resources, new country projects, and sectoral focus. The Fund is an integral part of the ILO’s Flagship programme Safety + Health for All that provides ILO leadership in global efforts to improve the safety and health of workers worldwide.

Together with all our partners, we are forming coalitions that are greater than the sum of our parts and enable systematic and meaningful change across entire sectors, benefiting those most vulnerable.

Get in touch with us today and help to accelerate the collective effort towards safe and healthy supply chains. Please contact Ockert Dupper, VZF Global Manager, at