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The continuous advancement of knowledge and access to more reliable data are essential for the realization of safer supply chains. The Vision Zero Fund supports stakeholders in decision-making and strategy development by providing the most up-to-date knowledge and data on OSH in global supply chain.

The EU funded project, ‘Filling data and knowledge gaps on OSH in GSCs to strengthen the model of shared responsibility’, is central to the Vision Zero Fund’s mission. The project aims to ensure that key stakeholders have access to actionable knowledge on OSH and GSCs. This involves understanding the transformative forces affecting OSH in GSCs and the drivers and constraints for OSH improvement.

The project also aims to provide more reliable and gender-responsive data and statistics on occupational accidents, injuries and diseases. Currently there is insufficient data on the nature and scale of occupational accidents and diseases. Currently, there is insufficient data on the nature and scale of OSH accidents and diseases. The project seeks to fill these gaps to raise awareness of the importance of OSH and to inform more comprehensive policies to prevent OSH issues in the future.